so, how does it work?

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Let me tell you a little about what to expect....

It's important to me that you know what you're getting, my photography is all about capturing those spontaneous moments while having fun doing so. Depending on the occasion and your personalities I will guage what's needed; - a little tickle, or maybe I need to hide behind my "camera cloak" of invisibility to catch that authentic blink of a moment.

My mission is to make the most camera shy human relax and enjoy a normal day at home, outside playing in the golden light or together celebrating something special.

how much does it cost?

YES! you can find my full price list HERE.

what do I get for this?

You will get little time capsules that with time will increase in value as your kids grow taller and you grow older, precious images of your loved ones. I will have a pre -session chat to get to know you all a bit, your like's, your don'ts etc. This way we can have a genuine, relaxed and fun photo session.

Every package includes high resolution images posted to you on a USB within a month. Can't bear the wait? No worries, within two weeks I will send you a private album where you can share and download online sized images.

when and where?

Either I come to you and take "lifestyle" photos where you all feel familiar and relaxed. I capture details from your daily life in your home at anytime that fits in best with your routine and naps. 

The other option is we go outside, I capture you all playing together in that beautiful golden light. If that is what you prefer we would have to pick your favourite spot during sunset. 

.....and If you want party images I will just need an invite.

do I have to pose?

I prefer that you don't, we all know how stiff and awkward that feels. Let's just have a chat to start with and the rest will follow, kids are the best at distracting so after a few minutes you will forget I'm even there.  I can assure you we will make it into a fun experience.

What happens if someone gets sick or the weather turns on us?

No worries, these things happen. If any of you (or I) get struck with the evil bug we will ensure that we find an-other date that suits as soon as possible.

If we are protected by your lovely home, no weather will stop us but if you booked an outside session with golden light... well, yeah then we have to look at an other date. If you don't mind some wind in your hair I'm more than happy to capture some unique and real moments with you. 

Regardless, you will hear from me before the session so we can decide then. 

what do I wear?

Simple, what you feel comfortable in. Make sure you can move freely in it and I recommend not having anything with text, it can distract from your gorgeous face. I love colour and patterns but if you prefer black I would recommend swapping it for a shade lighter, like dark grey or blue to avoid texture being lost in the photos. Is this confusing you? 

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions about this, it's important to feel good and shines through! 

how do we book you?

Depending on what package you choose 50% of the session fee will due upon booking and you will secure the date in my calendar. The remaining total will be due upon the online albums release.

Please CONTACT me if you have any questions.

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“The photos Ana has captured are just stunning! A precious moment in time with our new baby boy has been documented with such care and given us a true gift to treasure always. Ana has a beautiful eye for candid poignant shots and made us feel completely at ease while she did her thing. I can not recommend her highly enough!!”

- Rachel Rano

"My wife and I have been lucky enough to have Ana and her magical camera at all three of our daughter’s birthdays, and the results are never less than stunning. Not only does Ana capture people at their natural happiest, she manages this mostly without the subject knowing. This to me is the greatest quality of Ana’s photos, as I am not one for staged or posed photos. She is such a delight to be around in so many ways, and I have no doubt she can blend and mingle in any situation, and help anyone feel at ease having a snap taken of them. My biggest regret is that our wedding photos were not from Sol foto."    

- Jeff Flint

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