Rob & Shanah

I had the honor of capturing love in another form than I normally do, our dear friends made their decade (if not more) long commitment to each other official so when they asked me to document this big day, the answer was obvious. Yes, yes, yes!

It was a beautiful relaxed wedding with lots of shoulder rubbing and laughing as these two lovebirds, best friends, and longtime lovers said yes in front of a packed little Brunswick pub under fairy lights on a cool but bright Melbourne winters evening. 

I was nervous to take pictures of such an important day, it’s not like you can ask them to repeat anything if you miss an important element of the day but the main reason was that the ceremony was set after sunset!

I don’t shoot with flash so this was going to be “interesting”, thankfully Rob & Shanah are the most relaxed people I know so I knew I would keep my life despite what would happen, after all, I promised to do it… 

It turns out it went ok considering the challenges and I had a great time doing it, thanks guys…. for choosing me, and for not killing me! 

I admire these two for being able to, not only work together but to still make each other laugh together the way they do. 

Here’s to many more decades together!

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