Ok, so in my last post, I said that I would share some self-portraits but I’m not ready yet …

I did promise I know but it is winter here in Melbourne and between snotty noses and trying to get my head around “S.E.O” (search engine optimization) I just haven’t felt inspired in the “self-portrait department” but I do look forward to having a go, to try to represent myself visually will be a challenge I look forward to but for now I will share one of my favorite shoots of a woman and her sweet family of four. 

I met her three years ago in my mother’s group, I was (like most other’s) a sleep-deprived bewildered new mamma trying to provide prime care to my little pooping turtle boy (little cute bopping head, wrinkly neck and huge eye’s) so when I met Rachel I thought “wow, she has it sorted”. Let me explain, she is not at all smug or convey “I know it all”….. the contrary, she’s extremely warm, humble and sweet but with her immaculate appearance the word “perfection” springs to mind and even though she is all that (including wife, children AND home), getting to know her it becomes apparent that is her attitude to life that makes her “perfect”. 

Like most of us, her and her family has gone through truly tough times but she still gets up and does what she’s good at, not only that, she does it with such grace! Soon after having her first baby she started her own business, personalized prints made from your everyday snaps. Her “You and me prints” reminds me so much of her, happy, bubbly and optimistic. You can check out her amazing work HERE.  Like that’s not enough, she’s a mother to a second baby now and has a beautiful marriage, home, and dogs. Perfect right?!  I’m sure she will be the first to dispute this and of course, she’s not “perfect” (she is human after all) but from the outside looking in, she’s pretty darn close!

Here’s my documentation of their perfection, see what you think…

…. yes, I thought so.

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