'Sol' means sun in both Swedish and Spanish, the yin and yang of my DNA.

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A little about me...

My name is Ana Öström, I live in Melbourne with my two boys. One is 3, and the other is, well slightly older (and I’m married to him). Together, we love crafting, creating and finding treasures at weekend markets. When I'm not taking photos or helping my son find his toy spider, I make jewellery. I think it’s in my DNA to create, and I love the idea of making things that last a lifetime, be it a piece of metal, or in photography... Feel free to check out my jewellery work here...

I was born in Sweden, but my dad is from Spain, and whilst my dual ethnicity created some identity confusion in the early days, now I love it. In fact, it’s probably the reason for my adventures, creative and carefree attitude. I have lived all over (Stockholm, London, Birmingham, Ibiza) and through the well- trodden years, I’ve developed a natural interest and ease with people. This has paired perfectly with my love for photography.

I claimed the family camera as my own at around 11 and ever since then, there's hardly any pictures of me in the family album. I lived with three of my younger siblings so they were my very tolerant models.

My first photography job at 18 was with a fashion photographer. He was a great mentor and taught me a lot about lighting and was a master at making the models feel comfortable, even the professionals has stage fright. In the years since, the camera has accompanied me on my travels all over the world; -to each new country I’ve called home, and finally in my (relatively new) role as a mother. My son is now my constant model and we have an ongoing project - excessive documentation of his face!

Now, I spend weekends photographing parties, families milestones, special events, shindigs or insightful portraits. I love meeting new people, and I especially love working with kids, probably because I'm a big kid myself! We connect easily and I go with the flow and let them be themselves.

I love meeting new clients and getting to know a bit about what you're after. If you're interested in working together, finding out more, or arranging an initial consultation, please get in touch 


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photo by: Megan Gisborne Photography

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